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New York / Toronto

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If you're actually reading this, i should probably tell you a little about myself, huh?

I've been in this business almost 20 years, long enough to remember delivering my final work on Beta tape... by cab.


Over the years i've been blessed with opportunities to Direct and Supervise Animated projects for film, television and commercials. In 2007 i would take that experience to the streets to co-create RubberPixel ,a boutique 3D design studio in Toronto.

For 15 years along the way, i held a Professor position at Sheridan College, the birthplace of Computer Animation learning in Canada. Specialising in 3D Character Rigging, i kept my passion and hunger for the art form well fed. Soon I would find myself back in film to contribute that skill to 3 more animated features .. and then into the Game World.

I've recently developed a highly robust remote rigging studio to service my game clients as i divide my time between New York and Toronto.

Contact me for a more in depth demonstration of Dr.Reel's Character pipeline.